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Top Destinations


Gliding gracefully on a gondola along a dreamy canal, it’s easy to see why a visit to Venice is on plenty of bucket lists. Known as the ‘City of Canals’ and the ‘City of Bridges’, the unique attractions in Venice are many.

New York

From Times Square and the Empire State Building to Central park and the Statue of Liberty, there are more legendary attractions in New York than any other place on earth.


A wealth of beautiful boulevards, inspiring monuments, impressive works of art and delicious French cuisine ensure Paris more than delivers on the ideals held of the ‘most romantic city in the world’.

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Barcelona - Spain

7 days

From 370 KD

Guangzhou - China

7 days

From 295 KD

Bangkok - Thailand

7 dyas

From 270 KD


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

7 days

From 295 kd

London - UK

7 days

From 375 kd

Taksim - Turkey

7 days

From 199 kd


Dubai - UAE

3 days

From 120 kd

Manila - Philippines

7 days

From 187 kd

Clark - Philippines

7 days

From 205 kd


Manama - Bahrain

3 days

From 120 kd

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